Having trouble starting a story? Take one of these and run.

“Had I known, I would have done more—or something—to guard the child from that blood-soaked blind rage.”
“He’s also been experimenting with small moments of faith.”
“Most know of Pollyanna and her distaste for Bill’s endeavors.”
“Boss also knew Archie had a history of forgetting to clean out the toaster pan, and that Archie had a history of lying about having cleaned out the toaster pan.”
“By night, in rooms secluded and libraries vast, he poured over volumes upon volumes of the most befuddling and obscure texts imaginable.“
“Sally Martinez was born with a very small egg on her finger.”
“Have ye not noticed that this here interloper is encircled thrice thusly by rings of the balefullest fire?”
“I surmised, then, that the mailbox never allowed those letters to be delivered.”
“She’d given up on astronomy two years before, finding more satisfaction with her fingers in the dirt.”