Are you one of those people who likes puzzles? Try writing yourself out of one of these mystery bags.

“Bee plagues, plagues of bees, lack of bees, etc.”
“The heart is a mute bird. The tongue is a dull blade.”
“She maintained an earthy heft, though she accepted and thusly owned it.”
“I had been seeing Dr. Friday twice a week for several months and neither of us had brought up the eagle.”
“They are howling. The fire sucks up flesh and hair.” by Nathan Klose
“He remembered that hair and his hand moved around it, not touching it, as if it were a candle, as if he were feeling its little heat.”
“David turned to leave and, in so doing, smacked sensitive Michelangelo right on the mushy, pallid ass.”
“In general, she couldn’t provide a stable growing environment for the up-and-coming Ruler of the Universe.”