By submitting your halfhearted attempt at a story, poem, essay or play to The Mulligan you relinquish all creative control. Like a good, angry breakup or a cleansing, sweat-lodge freakout, The Mulligan provides closure between authors and the would-be works that nag them.

If you’d like to achieve such closure, paste your 500-word fragment below. In the subject line, indicate Beginning, Middle, or Ending. (If published, if you so desire, you may be published anonymously.)


You may also submit a Mulligan: A complete story inspired by one of the orphaned beginnings, middles, or endings.

Paste your Mulligan in the body of an email with the subject “MULLIGAN”. Send that sucker to


If you do manage to turn one of these fragments into a best-selling novel or accidentally become a New Yorker wunderkind, we ask only that somehow, someway, you give credit to the lazy halfwit who penned the nugget that inspired your genius.